2 Realm of the Gods

Chapter 2

The Realm of the Gods.

The young girl clad only in a simple white dress climbed to her feet and looked around. She stood in a large circle surrounded by twelve chairs and in every chair sat an ancient god.

The oldest god stood and moved forward. He wore a long robe of light blue and had a sword with a blade shaped like a lighting bolt thrust through his belt. His hair and beard was long and grey but still he seemed to move with the ease of a young man.

“Lady Catarina, you have been chosen to aid a young man in achieving his dream.” Zeus came to a stop before her. “You are required to travel to the world of the humans and aid a young prince in becoming king.”

“Be warned this is no easy task,” another voice sounded from the right. Catarina turned to look and saw a goddess wearing a long white skirt over which she had a tunic of chain mail. A long spear rested beside her chair and the golden feathered, green-eyed owl on her shoulder rustled its wings and uttered a low hoot. “You will need the help we will give. Come forward.” Catarina rose and moved towards her. As she got closer Athena pulled a staff out of the air in front of her. It had a strange adornment on the top that consisted of two horns intertwined with thorns. As Catarina watched, the horns and thorns melded together until Athena held only a simple wooden staff. Catarina came forward and cautiously took the staff in both hands. As her hands closed over the staff a rush of heat swept through her sending her light brown hair flying out behind her. The staff glowed and two intertwined, curving, half-moon blades sprang out of either end.

“This staff is more than just a weapon,” Athena continued. “It is a way we can communicate with you and send you assistance.”

“You place a lot of trust in this girl,” a scornful voice said from beside Zeus. “A little too much trust.” All eyes turned to a goddess with long black hair and strikingly beautiful eyes sitting beside Zeus. Her dress changed colours as she moved and she idly played with a ball of fire as she spoke.

“We believe she is worthy Hera,” another god interjected from the left. He had short blonde hair and two long eagle wings were growing out of his back. He wore nothing but a pair of shorts and had a quiver slung over his shoulder with the feathered flights of arrows showing. A longbow rested beside his chair.

Hera swung around to face him. “Didn’t ask your opinion, Cupid.”

“Be that as it may,” Cupid said, seeming unfazed by Hera’s anger. “We still believe Catarina is worthy.”

“So, are we agreed?” Zeus asked.

All the gods and goddesses nodded. “Agreed!”

Zeus raised his hands and one by one the other gods and goddesses followed suit, Hera with very bad grace. White light gathered in their hands and beams of multicoloured light shot forth. The beams struck the staff and filled it with light. The light slowly seeped into Catarina until she too shone like a star. Catarina felt herself fading and as she did she heard the gods and goddesses chant; “To aid a prince you do now go, to unseat a king who stole a brother’s throne. To grant a land a better future, go now, do what needs to be done.“

With a strong flash Catarina disappeared. Zeus slowly lowered his hands “It is done”.

He stood up and moved forward to the centre of the circle and raised a hand. Light gathered, solidified and formed into a huge crystal ball. He raised the ball high above his head and threw it to the ground. With a flash the ball shattered and small spheres flew to each God and Goddess.
“Watch over these.”  Zeus told the other gods “They will show you the location of our Sign and the Prince”.


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