Tales of The Timestream

Here are the prolouge of my story. enjoy.  read and reveiw please. opinions would be helpful.


Prologue                                                                            4

1 The City of Valhall                                                          7

2 The Realm of the Gods                                                   13

3 The Sign                                                                         15

4 The Betrayal                                                                 27

5 The Journey                                                                  30

6 A Reason to Hope                                                         38

7 The Arena                                                                    49

8 Family Reunion                                                            59

9 Birthday Celebrations                                                  67

10 Celebration or Tragedy                                               74

11 A Conspiracy Unmasked                                             78

12 The Mysterious Watcher                                             83

Tales of the Timestream

1. The Journey begins.

The Tale of One Hero, Eight True Companions, a Mystrious Quest,  A Force of Darkness and a Battle for Freedom. A story of love and friendship, pain and betrayal, confidence and loyalty. A story of Hope, Hope for a Land, Hope for its People and Hope for a Better Future.



The land of Erazona was rife with civil war. Alliances rose and fell like winter wheat. The Elven race had diverged into three different fractions, The High Elves, who upheld the ideals of the ancient Elves and worked to secure their borders with magic, The Wood Elves who secluded themselves in the deeper places of the Thistlewood Forests and the Blood Elves, a race dedicated to the memories of their elders who had died during the First War with Forsaken Undead that drove the Elves from their homeland on the isle of Ulthuan. They practiced the ways of war more than their former kin and protected their borders fiercely. The Dwarves and the Gnomes were too busy trying to wipe each other out to worry about the other races. The Thundercats and Ki’miri had formed an alliance and were engaged in a losing battle with a group of half-human, half-demon cultists who called themselves the Mind-benders. The Mind-Benders had developed a way of masking pain so that they could fight on no matter how much they were wounded. You actually had to sever a limb to kill them. The Tauren’s, a race of Bull like humanoids with strong Shamanic ties to the land tried to avoid the effects of the war but after a great number were slaughtered by the Mind-Benders they were forced to turn their practices to battle magic and weapon work. The Tauren’s become one of the strongest races and powerful allies to anyone who could contract their help.

Then the humans arrived. Under the command of King Alan they moved in and started to settle. King Alan was foolish and impetuous and made many enemies as he sized land that was being fought over. Many of the other races banded together to fight off the humans. A Tauren Assassin managed to kill the king and the untied races launched a brutal attack led by a Mind-Benders Clan Chief. They scored a major victory and the humans retreated to the beach were they had landed to recuperate. Out the mist of hate and anger a young man emerged, Alex, a blacksmith’s apprentice who was wise in the ways of war. He knew that fighting brought only death and believed that diplomacy could over rule man’s natural instinct to fight. He convinced the Humans too not fight if they were attacked but simply to repel the other races. The Humans listened and prepared for an attack but no attack was to come that night. For in the camp of the enemy a dispute was underway. Crennin, the much loved leader of the Tauren’s had seen the direction the war was heading and was trying to convince the Mind-Bender Clan Chief to halt his attack before he bleed Erazona dry. The Mind-Bender dismissed his concerns. So Crennin sent an emissary to the Human council. They refused to listen and were in the act of trying to kill him when Alex stepped in a stopped the blade with a mail-clad hand. He believed the Tauren’s story and was willing to give them a chance to prove their loyalty. Back in the enemy camp the Elves seeing the Tauren’s switch sides and not wishing to fight former allies immediately withdrew their support. Leaving the Mind-Bender with only his own kind to call upon. The next morning the Mind-Benders launched their attack hoping to catch the Humans by surprise.

But the Humans, with their new allies rallied and drove of the invading Mind-Benders off. Alex thanked the Tauren’s for the help and proposed an alliance between their races. The Tauren’s accepted and so began a long, profitable relationship between the two races. But it was not to last. Alan furious at the way Alex had overruled his decision decided to do something to break the fragile alliance. He visited the Mind-Benders and enlisted their help in using Mind Control to cause a Tauren patrol to attack the outlying human settlements. Alex led a patrol to intercept the attack but instead of killing the Tauren’s he simply led his men to surround and contain them. During a conference with the Tauren leaders Alan and some Mind-Benders attacked the Tauren capital resulting in a duel between Alan and Alex which ended in Alan’s death and after clearing up the mess Alex was crowned the next king. And so began the reign of Alex the First.

Almost six hundred years later the alliance between the races has been shattered as the humans kingdoms dissolved into civil war. The war began when some of Kings Alan’s descendants, believing their cause was righteous, attacked the King and his closest supporters. The King at that time, Alex II, called his banners and the war began. The civil war dragged on for fifteen long years, bleeding both sides dry. By the start of the sixteenth year Alex II’s wife realised she was with child. Not wanting her child to be born in a time of war she begged her husband to find a way to stop the war. Alex II always the diplomat, agreed to meet with the leaders of the rebels and they reached a cease-fire agreeing to split the Kingdom of Valhall between them. Five weeks later the Queen’s child was born, that child was Dameon.

Three years later the King and Queen fell ill. When they had passed away Dameon was thrown out on the street by his vengeful older brother who wanted the throne for himself. I found Dameon three weeks later nearly dead from fever and exhaustion, I brought him back to the hideout in the old city dump and treated him until he was well. He thanked me and left. Ten years later he saved my life thereby repaying his debt. For the next five years we lived together, a relatively peacefully life until that day the gods took a hand…


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