16 The Breakout

Chapter 4

The Breakout

Dameon, Brandon and Hawkeye crouched behind a camouflaged shelter Star had constructed earlier. Catarina sat a few meters away mentally revising the types of spells she had prepared for the upcoming battle. Dameon had one of Serah’s sword strapped to his back opposite his own broadsword. He was dressed in long dark pants and a sleeveless black jacket. His arms were covered in strange mystic symbols that Star and Catarina had drawn on his skin with black and dark blue plant dyes. His face was covered in similar colours and strange horrific patterns. His diamond forearm guards had been impregnated with fire and water allowing him control over the two most powerful elements. Brandon was clad in full silver army covered with an old cloak. The plan was that he would appear in the camp suddenly like a deadly angel. Hawkeye, dressed like Dameon and armed with two self-reloading crossbows[1] was quietly waiting for moonset. Catarina seated across from them was clad in her Ki’miri spelldancer garb with her new bladed staff laid across her knees.

On the high cliffs to the west of the enemy camp Luka, Alex and I waited with Tyrion and the rest of the Sky Hawks. We were all dressed in long dark pants and sleeveless tunics with dark plant dye on the arms and face. I had my other sword strapped to my back. Alex had his short sword at his belt and had slung a set of five short spears across his back. Luka was making a mental note of what spells she would need. Tyrion and all the Sky Hawks were armed with a long, coiling whip and a short spear, many also had swords strapped to their mounts.

“Captain,” One of the Sky Hawks we had on watch called, “Look at this.”

“What is it?” Tyrion asked coming up. The watch Sky Hawk silently handed him the spyglass. Tyrion took a quick look through it then handed it to me. “Take a look.”

I raised the spyglass to my eye and scanned the enemy camp. At first I didn’t see anything wrong. “What’s wrong?” I asked Tyrion. He silently pointed to the northern end of the camp. I scanned it quickly and lowered the spyglass, “Minotaur younglings?” I asked Tyrion. He nodded.

Seated on his Dawnsaber[2] Carris looked down at Star who was standing beside him. She flashed him a quick smile and nodded to the moon that was floating like a giant golden disc above the mountains behind the enemy camp. “About two hours to moonset,” she remarked. Carris nodded and restlessly shifted in his position. His mount sensing his uneasiness, growled quietly, he silenced her with a quick pat. “You ready?” he asked Star. She looked sideways at him and he noticed that her eyes were already changing from green to amber and back again. She nodded.

Dameon looked up as clouds suddenly covered the moon. He exchanged glances with the rest of his team. Suddenly Star’s voice sounded over his earpiece, “Go.” Dameon withdrew Serah’s sword and quickly burned the bushes away.He slid into the tunnel followed by Catarina, Brandon and Hawkeye. He popped his head out the other end and saw the palisade a few meters away. He ducked quickly back as two Minotaur younglings stomped past. After a minute they passed again going the other way. Dameon quickly beckoned the other’s forward.“Come on. Hurry.”They flipped themselves out of the hole and moved forward. Dameon and Hawkeye crept into the prison just managing to avoid the two Satyr guards. The saw an open cage and two closed one’s containing bones and another one with a slumped figure in it. They quickly slipped up to the cage. The Blood Elf King looked up as they approached and his eye’s flared with suspicion.

“Who are you?” He hissed.

“Friends” Dameon replied, starting to pick the lock on the cage. After a few moments, with a small click the cage door swung open. The Blood Elf King crawled out on his hand and knees and watched almost in disbelief as Hawkeye sawed through his bonds.

“Where’s Cassius?” Dameon hissed claiming his attention, “The young boy brought in earlier.”

The King looked up at him confused. “They said he was Prince Dameon and they were going to make an example of him.”

Dameon eyes hardened. He looked at Hawkeye who met his eye and nodded. She handed the Blood Elf King her knife and withdrew both crossbows. Dameon padded silently back to the tunnel and nodded to Catarina, “Send the sign.” Catarina sensing something was wrong didn’t waste time with questions and sent up a small orange star that flashed once, bathing the camp in blazing light before vanishing.

On the cliff above the camp Tyrion and I exchanged a glance. I nodded, “Let’s go.” I unsheathed my other sword and flipped myself off the edge, opened my wings and arrowed down. Luka and Alex were a second behind me. Tyrion made a hand movement to his men, “Mount up.” He swung astride his own Sky Hawk and drew his sword. Pointing it towards the enemy camp he led his forces forward with the age-old Blood Elf war cry, “Sin’dorei.”His men echoed the war cry and one after the other the Sky Hawks leapt into the air and swooped down on the enemy.

Waiting on the plain before the camp Star looked up as the star vanished. A few moments later she saw the dark shapes of the Sky Hawks descending.

“Any minute now”, Carris remarked as he motioned the Elven Elites to mount up. At that moment the sounds of weapon’s clashing came from the gate before them. Carris looked down at Star beside him a nodded, “Go”. Star bounded away, transforming into a giant Wolf. Carris spurred his Dawnsaber after her and the rest of the Blood Elf army followed. Taking the enemy by surprise they charged out of the darkness.

Coming out of the prison Dameon came face to face with two Satyr guards. The first one swung an axe at him, Daemon ducked under the blow, pulled a knife from his boot and slammed it up under the Satyr’s jaw. With a strangled cry it staggered backwards, hands going to its throat. He pushed it aside and ran the other one through without stopping. The two Minotaur Younglings didn’t stand a chance. Brandon appeared behind them like a shadow and slammed their heads together. The Trolls lasted slightly longer having had more warning but soon they too fell. Dameon gestured for Brandon to take the lead. He stepped forward and threw aside his cloak. At that precise moment the moon sailed out from behind the clouds. They couldn’t have planned it better. Silhouetted by the moon Brandon took on an almost heavenly appearance while Dameon, Hawkeye and Catarina appeared behind him like demonic minions. The enemy fell back before them. The leaders had just managed to rally their troops when the Sky Hawks descended on them.

Pulling up over the enemy camp I shut my wings and dropped into the middle of the enemy closely followed by Alex. Luka stayed in the air to provide magical support from above where she could view the entire battle. Two Satyr mages spotted her hovering above us and gaining the power of wind they flew up to bring her down. She was equal to their skill and they called for back up. Tyrion landed beside us, still astride his Sky Hawk, “This is some mess,” he growled before spinning his Sky Hawk on its back legs to face the enemy.

“You scared?” I asked over the clash of weapons. Tyrion snorted and didn’t reply. The other Sky Hawks landed beside us, some of them dismounting and others staying mounted.

Star bounded out of the darkness, double ended staff in her mouth cutting a path through the closely packed ranks. The Blood Elf Army followed with Carris and his Five score of Dawnsaber mounted Elites. The remaining Ten Score regular warriors followed on foot.

Brandon charged forward sword swinging in a deadly arc cutting a path through the Trolls and Satyrs. Climbing on to an empty cart Hawkeye raised her crossbows and they began to sing their deadly song as she sent arrows into the rear ranks of the enemy. Dameon and Catarina were fighting back to back, using weapons and magic. Dameon was having immense fun playing with fire and water while Catarina was using more traditional spells.

Alex and I were also fighting back to back, together we made a killing machine that dealt death to any enemy foolish enough to come within range. Luka and a young Blood Elf Sky Hawk Mage called Anaya were engaged in a fierce midair battle with two Satyrs, two Trolls and one Minotaur mage. Luka with Anaya’s help was able to send both Trolls crashing the ground where their fellows trampled them. Luka was now in the process of magically suffocating one Satyr while deflecting spells from the other. Anaya and the Minotaur were both battling for control of the earth element. Anaya had gained water and wind while her opponent had fire.

Star morphed back into human form as her staff shattered. She fell back letting Carris take the lead as he and his Elites leapt into battle aboard their Dawnsabers. She climbed onto her own as in padded up beside her, withdrew her sword and charged forward to rejoin the battle. The Dawnsabers, trained for battle were taking a terrible toll on the Minotaur’s being almost equal in strength. Dameon and Catarina had managed to reach Alex and I and we formed a group of four. Breaking away momentary Dameon came face to face with the Satyr leader.

“Ah, the real Prince, I knew you’d come for your friend.”

“You knew he wasn’t me?” Dameon asked in confusion.

“I knew,” The Satyr hissed, “none of the other’s believed me.” He lunged forward, Dameon danced backwards dodging the Satyr’s blade. The Satyr pushed forward pressing his attack but Dameon kept dodging looking for chance to strike. There it was. The Satyr over committed on an attack follow-through and Dameon moved, Serah’s sword arcing around, sending the other blade flying, Dameon spun full circle, arcing his own blade back over his shoulder to send it deep into the centre of the Satyr’s chest.

Star plunged through the ranks of Troll’s on her Dawnsaber, Lightning. Guiding Lightning with her knees she worked her way towards Daemon’s group which he had now re-joined.

“Cat?” she called as she came within range, “Can you use Polymorph spells on yourself?”

“What?” Catarina asked.

“Polymorph,” Star explained, “Change yourself in to an animal.”

“No, I can call animals to my aid but not transform.”

“I can” Luka called from above us where, having defeated her opponents she was busy raining magical death on the command group of Minotaur Younglings.

“Giant Wolf?” Star asked, “I’m planning to search for Cassius.”

“I’m with you.” Luka dropped down and she and Star transformed as one and bounded away in opposite directions carving a path through the enemy ranks.

A two-metre radius of snow and frozen enemy’s surrounded Hawkeye who, having exhausted both her crossbows had resorted to her long bow. Brandon was moving through them one by one shattering them with short raps from his sword hilt. Brandon shattered two enemies at once and hearing a sound behind him swung around, bringing his sword up in the guard position. The double sword of the Minotaur leader locked with his own blade. Brandon disengaged and slipped back into a low stance. The Minotaur mirrored his stance and hissed. Brandon slid forward and lunged with lightning speed. The Minotaur laughed and swatted his blade aside, “You’ll have to be better than that.”

Brandon growled softly and slid forward slowly. The Minotaur attacked this time. The double bladed sword darted forward, Brandon dodged it and thrust with his own sword but the Minotaur just brushed it aside again. The Minotaur swung a sidearm strike at him, Brandon trapped the sword between his arm and his body. At the same time he brought his own sword around, blade aimed at the Minotaur’s neck. An inch from its target the blade sprung alive with liquid lightning. Brandon saw the Minotaur’s eyes widen a second before his blade sheared through its neck.

Carris guided his Dawnsaber, Darknight through the press of enemies wielding a double bladed staff in both hands. Suddenly he found him self in a clear space at the edge of the fighting. Crouched in front of him, atop a huge pale raptor was the Troll chieftain. Carris growled and sheathing both sword-staffs he with drew his double-handed broadsword from it sheath. The blade sprung alive with fire. The Troll chieftain withdrew a giant six-headed mace.

Darknight reared and, guided by Carris leapt forward. Carris armed at the Troll’s neck and swung his sword in a deadly arc. The Troll blocked, a small shield appearing in his other hand. Darknight slashed at the Raptors eyes but the Raptor pulled its head back, avoiding the strike.  Darknight jumped back before the Raptor could retaliate.

“Why this alliance?” Carris asked, circling his opponent.

“Marrek promised us power if we captured the Blood Elf King. He knew that if he was caught we would lure the Prince here.”

“But your plan failed, didn’t it,” Carris asked. “You caught the wrong boy.” He lunged forward and batted both sword and shield aside. The Raptor reared up forcing Carris to jerk back before he could make contact. Carris heard a feral roar from behind him and guided Darknight to one side as Star shot past initiating her Midnight Flame attack. Dark sparks leapt across her fur, transforming her into a giant flaming comet. She slammed into the Troll causing him to lose both sword and shield as her jaws clamped around his neck. She threw him aside and leapt after him as Carris lunged forward. He caught the stunned Raptor by surprise and drove his sword into its chest.

With the death of their leaders the others lost their will to fight and tried to flee. Carris and Star led the Elven force in a pincer movement and crushed the army between them. Only a small handful of each race survived.

Cassius had sustained a few minor injuries as well as a broken leg and a shattered shoulder but with Luka and Catarina working together they were quickly healed. The Blood Elf Mages used fire spells to burn down the enemy camp. We had suffered a few minor injuries during the battle and spent the next day and a half recovering. Alex had broken one wing and had a spear wound in his leg. A lucky dagger strike had opened up my cheek but the wound was minor and easily healed. Dameon had a wound on his chest that needed immediate attention and Catarina had suffered a few minor flesh wounds. Luka had managed to escape harm and was busy helping the Blood Elf healers.

Two days later we were called for a meeting with the Blood Elf King. We were slightly surprised when we were shown to a small meeting room rather than the central Basilica. The King stood in the middle, dressed in the royal blood-red amour of a Sentinel. His long orange hair had been washed, brushed and was held back by a simple leather crown. As we entered he was talking quietly to Star and Carris. As we stopped before them the King turned to us, and following a nod from Star we dropped to one knee. He studied us silently for a moment before speaking, “Carris and Star have given me a general run down of what happened and I must apologise for the somewhat rough handling you received. Please, stand.” We stood slowly and looked up. “I understand that Dameon was the one who came up with the plan that helped in my release.”

Dameon bowed slightly, “It is true, Your Highness.”

“And you have come here to…” he said in tone that indicated he already knew.

“I wish to seek and alliance between the Humans and the Blood Elves and to ask you for your support when I need it.”

“You saved my life,” The King took a step forward and fell to one knee, placing his right fist in his left breast, “My sword is yours. The Sin’dorei are with you.”

[1] Self-reloading crossbows – a weapon unique to the Blood Elves. A crossbow with the other quarrels held inside the handle so that as one bolt is fired another immediately slips into place. The handle can hold up to thirty bolts.

[2] Dawnsaber – a giant saber toothed cat used by the Blood Elves as mounts of transportation and battle.


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