15 Plans for a Breakout

Chapter 3

Plans for a Breakout

A small group consisting of Myself, Catarina, Dameon, Hawkeye, Brandon, Luka, Alex, Carris, Star and the Sky Hawk captain, a short stocky Blood Elf called Scarlet, gathered in a smaller conference room in the Basilica.

Scarlet placed a single sheet of paper on the table. “This is a detailed layout of the enemy camp made from all the Intel the Sky Hawks have gathered over the past three days.”

We all leaned forward and studied the plan. The camp was roughly circular in shape with one gate at the east end. The three fractions keep to their separate ends of the camp. The Minotaur’s kept to the north, The Troll’s stayed in the west and the Satyr’s occupied the east. The prison was in the west side of the camp surrounded by a three metre high palisade.

“This gate?” Dameon asked, tapping it with a forefinger, “It is the only way in or out?”

Star shook her head but it was Scarlet who answered, “No, there is another entrance that can only be seen from the air. An old drainage tunnel froma civilisation long gone that comes up just inside the western edge of the camp. Unfortunately we have been unable to find the other end.”

“Not quite.” Star said stepping forward, “I discovered it by mistake a few days ago. The only problem is that both ends are covered by thornbushes.”

Dameon winced, “That’s definitely a problem.”

I shook my head, “Not with these.” I laid one black bladed sword on the table.

“Are you insane?” Dameon demanded, “You want to sent the bushes on fire? They’ll see the glow.”

“No they won’t.” I said, twirling the other blade around one finger, “Black fire, remember.”

Carris nodded, impressed, “That sounds like a good plan. What’s next?”

“There’s one major flaw in this operation,” Star said. “Troll’s, Minotaur’s and Satyr’s are a lot stronger than normal humans, even stronger than elves.”

“How many in the camp?” Dameon asked walking round the table to view the diagram from another perspective.

“About two-score of each,” Scarlet said.

“And how many in the Elven Army?”

“About fifteen score”

“Fifteen score!” Dameon exclaimed in surprise.

“That’s five score of Elites and ten score of regular Warriors.” Carris explained.

“Don’t forget the Sky Hawks,” Scarlet added.

Carris nodded, “Make that sixteen score.”

Dameon nodded before committing to the plan he’d been thinking over the past few hours. “Could we succeed with a surprise attack?”

Both Carris and Star looked up at the idea. “Details?”

Dameon snapped his fingers at Hawkeye and she passed him an arrow which he used to point to different points of the camp as he outlined his plan. “If I led say Brandon, Hawkeye and Catarina through this tunnel,” Dameon explained tapping the map, “we could attack the enemy from the rear after we have freed and armed the Prisoner’s.” I stepped forward adding the next part of the plan, “Then after Dameon sends a sign I can led Luka, Alex and say five or six Sky Hawks…?” I looked at Scarlet who nodded before continuing, “…in from the air to attack the guards at the gate.” Star nodded seeing where this was going, “and then I can led the rest of the Elven army through the gate as soon as the fighting starts.”

Dameon slammed the arrow point down in the map at the gate, “Exactly.”

The room was silent. Dameon could see everyone considering his plan. Brandon and Hawkeye were nodding in agreement. Scarlet and I conversed quickly before leaving the room. Carris was studding the plan his eye’s moving quickly as he visualised what would happen. Star, Luka and Alex were silent waiting to see what everyone else would say.

“I like it.” Carris spoke up suddenly, “I think it’s a good plan. If Star and I led the entire Elven force in we should be able to rout the enemy.” Brandon and Hawkeye were nodding in agreement with Carriss’s statement.

Dameon looked around at the group, “Are we agreed?”

Everyone nodded, “Yes.”
Meanwhile outside Scarlet and I moved through the late afternoon crowd in Sky Hawk Square. We headed out the west side of the Square and Star led me through the wide streets that led to the Sky Hawk Barracks. We entered the long low ceilinged building and were overwhelmed by the smell of leather and scale.

As my eye’s adjusted to the dimness I saw the room was a lot wider than I just thought and Sky Hawks were everywhere. They were crouched on the floor, hanging from the roof and resting on perches or in large chutes open to the sky. There was a brief flurry of movement as we started several Sky Hawks that had been resting beside the door. There was a rustling of leather and cloth and a stocky Blood Elf with jet black hair, surprisingly[1] swung down to meet us. Scarlet began introductions, “Serah, I would like you to meet TyrionWindborne, second in command and descendant of the first Sky Hawk Rider, Tyrell of The Silver Glade. Tyrion, this is Serah Kreiss, she will be leading the second phase of the attack on the enemy camp later tonight. Can you get the rest of the Sky Hawks ready? We’ll contact you when we know the time of the attack.” Tyrion nodded and swung back up into the stall with his Sky Hawk.

As we left Scarlet gave me a quick grin and whispered, “Man of few words.”

We returned to the Basilica were the rest of them waited. “The Sky Hawks will help.” Scarlet said as we entered, “do we have a time for this attack?”

Dameon shook his head, hair simmering in the torchlight. “We were just about to start discussing it. Does anyone have any ideas?”

“Dusk,” Alex suggested, Luka shook her head, “Midnight.”  “Too early,” I countered, “Dawn.” A few more suggestions were tossed around before Dameon stood, “I’ve decided. We attack at Moonset.”

We all nodded our agreement and left to organise our own forces. Before we went our separate ways I passed Dameon one of my swords, “Be careful,” I said gripping his shoulder. He nodded, “You too.”

Dameon, Brandon, Hawkeye and Catarina set out with Star to find the entrance of the tunnel. Carris left to ready the Blood Elf Army and Alex, Luka and I ended up in the Sky Hawk barracks filling Tyrion in on the plan and learning the history of the Sky Hawk Riders.

[1] Most Blood Elves have light blonde or bright red hair.


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